Because a person chose to give up on life, instead of fighting the struggles out?
Do you have any idea about how much s/he has had to endure, all this while?

Life is beautiful. Indeed.
And, we humans have a lot of dreams and aspirations. We want to travel. To fall in love. To taste cuisines. To meet new people. To have babies. To, live.
Then, why give up?

Because, sometimes, the struggle is too exhausting. Every time period has an elasticity of its own. If you stretch too long, it breaks off. The same goes with our lives.

It pains me when people associate ‘suicide’ as an act of cowardice.

Do you have any idea about the pain that comes along, with the mere thought of dying?
It sure isn’t fun. It’s a process where you are willing to hurt yourself, knowing there’s no turning back.
My goodness, it takes a hell lot of courage to die.
And, a lot of pain. A lot.

Right on the brink, when a person is about to die, imagine his/her state of mind.
All the dreams, all the people s/he has love(d), the family; everything comes rushing into one thought, all at once. It’s like a concussion of memories.
You know what you’re about to do.
You know the pain you’re about to give yourself.
And, yet.

Suicide is not an act of cowardice.
Please register.
It takes guts to give up, everything.
Of course, it takes a lot more, to keep living.
Nothing, denying that.
But, surely, the person’s capacity of enduring pain has been tested way too far than s/he could take.

Death becomes a better option than, life.
Is there any feeling, worse, than this?

“He should have fought harder”.
“She should’ve spoken about it”.
“He shouldn’t have given up”.
” She took the easy path”.


You think they didn’t try?
Think a hundred times before you judge somebody’s will to give up on the most beautiful gift of God.
They were brave. And courageous. And fighters. And strugglers.
It’s just that, the battle won, and they lost.

No. They didn’t give up.
They’re martyrs.

They lost their lives in the battle of life.

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