One road leading to my dream
Another to the end, where my parents believe
Will set my future at success and peace.

I may fail miserably as I follow the former
I may achieve success if I listen to my guardian my mother and father.
But if calculating probabilities, it’s opposite is as well possible.

Given the efforts of my parents on my education,
I can be overqualified to certain job options.
And under-qualifed to the remaining ones.

Maybe my concentration will fall apart,
And will succeed in snatching away the secure future
Which my parents promised me I will find on this path
Or Maybe I will be successful and happy
With my work and family

If I chose to follow my dream, there are chances I shall fail
There are chances I will be not on the highest sale
My ship can sink and maybe never sail.

Maybe loosing, my patience, not having a proper meal
I can be on the corner of road, asking people to give me appeal,
Reminiscing incidents from which I will never heal.
Or Maybe I will be successful and happy
With my work and my family.


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