Crystal Ropes

The scorch bruised the soil,
Sucking the aqua away,
Leaving cracks and fissures,
On the uneven sheets of burnt sienna;
The puckered tan bereaved,
Its mate to meet.
Revolted the aqua,
Against the mighty Sun,
And broke its fetters,
To meet its dame.
Breaking through the white sheet,
Ushered the crystal rope, plodding straight down.
Splashing and crashing,
Met they like no other,
Labyrinths of aqua
Gushed crisscross all over,
Leaving some puddles,
And made some pools.
Drenched was the soil.
The beads boiled,
And bubbled in the pool;
Quenched was the thirst
Of the arid Earth.
The world glanced
The white curtain, that aqua laid.


  1. PB

    Wow!! What a beauty this is!!!

    I am so much in love with this poem.
    All the metaphors and adjectives that you have used are simply outstanding.

    Beautiful words to describe the parched land and even beautiful are the phrases to explain the rain which satiates the dry scorched land.
    Each and every line is able to paint the picture of your imagination in front of me.

    Amazing work!!

  2. Charubala

    A good effort to create a passionate story around what may seem a simple natural phenomenon. The poetess has worked hard at this.

  3. Narinder Taprial

    What a beautiful way to romanticise the natural phenomena of water cycle . An insight into the high levels of the poetic talent . Mind blowing!!!!

  4. Nitin khera

    Beautiful imagery. Yes, now I wonder that the falling rain looks like crystal ropes. They are transparent. Oh so beautifully expressed. Word choice is brilliant. Use of metaphors to elaborate the rainy season is refreshing.

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