It’s a typical afternoon
in the office
everybody is up for lunch
they ask you too
but you make some excuse,
Once they are gone
you run to the nearest bar
order a shot of vodka
and chug a glass of beer
you feel at peace,
You come back
with a peppermint candy
and resume your work
like an ideal functional alcoholic
nobody notices anything,
It’s your marriage anniversary today
and you want to do
something nice for her
for a change
so you leave early,
But on the way back
patrons at the bar
call you inside on the promise of
one drink only
yet the drinks keep pouring,
By the time
you reach home
she is asleep
the cake is in the dustbin
you feel guilty,
And to ease the guilt
you gulp down some vodka
and chug a glass of beer
you look in the mirror
and the cycle continues…

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