Damsel and the wolf

I wish I could have loved you the way we story our love to be. Of all the lovers I have had you were the most unlikely to be with me
I craved your love yet stayed away from it like an addict in rehab avoids powder n syringe.
I wish we could make it work but let’s be honest we both knew it was a lost world, a puzzle never meant to be solved it had too many missing pieces.
I wish we could have loved the other the way we loved the other.
Your concealer has witnessed the tears of our conviction and it’s sins.
While we both claimed to be no fairy tale both too hurt to be loved too stuck to be claimed,looking back all we have is some meaningless vows and moments of silence left to ourselves I wish you were as bold as your mascara I wish I were little less cold.
Are the stories of damsels n wolves stll worth being told?

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