Date Night

Let’s go out, tonight.
Just, you and me?
Since, you treated me to a letter and black currant ice cream,
a bunch of bougainvillea and some poetry.

I wear a lilac dress, just till the knees, with pumps, maybe?
along with the pearls you gifted me,
You, surely, dress up in formals, wearing the tie I gifted you,
and sweep me off my feet, with some charming chivalry.

You touch a nerve, when you kiss the dorsal of my hand,
I shiver, and bow and blush, too;
then do a courtesy and thank-you for the compliment,
whilst you tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, and keep stealing glances, quite a few.

You pull out the chair for me,
addressing me as your lady,
I order your favourite dessert,
and keep blabbering, munching on our sizzling brownie.

Then, we take a stroll and star-gaze, holding hands, and talking about life;
Well, it’s really just me doing the talk, since you find it too difficult to take your eyes off me.
Sitting on the bench, I keep fidgeting with the frills of the skirt,
your constant gaze making me nervous,
Lovingly, you hum my favourite tune, clearly making an effort to flirt.

I hold your gaze, and
our thoughts seemingly freeze;
I see you blush and shift a little,
as you put your coat around my shoulders
to keep away the chill breeze.
I giggle and ask, “Where were you, all this time, good sir?”
You instantly reply, “I’ve been waiting, all my life,”
“Only for you, my love.”

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