Daughter To Be

if I ever have a daughter
if I ever have a daughter, she’ll be taught to be a fighter, she’ll be taught to be a warrior, she’ll be taught to make the world a little brighter
she’ll be taught to put herself first, she’ll be taught to say no
people may say she’s selfish, but there’s nothing to them she owes
she’ll love as passionately as the fire but she’ll know how to be like snow
because sometimes, it’s better for you, you know
there will be times when the world will bring her down
but she’ll be a phoenix, rising above alive from her own ashes on the ground
people might tell her she belongs to someone else
but she’ll know her mind, body and soul are of her own self

if I ever have a daughter, she’ll know the worth of her tears, she’ll be brave enough to face the horrific fears
she’ll be standing up for the rights against the wrongs
she may be demure but she’ll know how to be bold
then when the nights when her demons won’t drown
swimming with them, she’ll make their hearts frown
with a voice so mellifluous yet strong and firm
she may lose battles but she’ll learn and earn

and no, do not think that that girl is in any way arrogant, inhuman or insensitive
because we all need a little bit of faith to make it through, isn’t it?
her tired eyes filled up to the brim but she’ll never be afraid to cry
her soul may make her wanna give up, but she’ll still try
but at the same time, when her soul is at her worst
she’ll know it’s okay to let go and give up

and to my future daughter, don’t be afraid of the world for it’s all just a mere test
survival of the fittest, but being nonchalant and kind will make you beyond best

and to my future daughter don’t be scared to teach the things you’ve been taught
for beyond the worldly things you’ll be rewarded for the wars you’ve fought

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