Death In Love

I asked them,
“How did Death look like to you,
When He came at your door?”

Some had visible fear,
Some had masked regrets,
And some simply smiled.

A meek voice of a man spoke out first,
“It was the worst of my nightmares.
She was covered in blood.
Only in blood and naked,
Except for Her arms,
Where She held a dagger,
Emitting foul black smoke.
She asked me “who do you fear?”
And I said “you, now.”
She laughed hysterically,
But when She looked in my eyes again,
It was gone.
She was someone I knew,
Or maybe I felt so.
She held me in Her gaze,
Blood rushed out of my eyes;
She had stabbed the dagger,
But I felt no pain,
Only unexplainable twists in my head.”
He sighed and continued,
“You ask me now, what I feared;
I feared living,
I thought it as hell,
A bloody mess,
Only fouls and no good.
That was my fear and that was Her.”

“I shall tell you too;”
Roared a buff man interrupting my train of thoughts,
“To me She came as my lover.
Elegant, poised and breathtakingly beautiful.
Her hair soft as silk,
Dyed in hazel brown,
Her voice like,
The first sweet dew,
And Her eyes just like,
The shade of sunset.
She loved me Her best,
And I did try too.
Her innocence was spring,
In my cold winter’s heart.
But, I, I feared it love.
It has always been tragic.
I did not want to die waiting on her grave,
Nor did I want Her waiting for me.
So, I ran away,
Hiding from Her;
Only to fall in a trap,
She set upon me,
And became the end of me.”

Love is really tragic,
I thought.
It’s all peaches and blossoms,
Until one has to leave,
And the other has to wait,
Over the grave that will only rot.

Now, I was to speak.
So, I whispered,
Softly in their ears,
Knowing no one would really believe me,
But still hoped they would,
“To me,
Death came with a grand demeanour,
Body built like steel,
Mane whiter than snow,
And the audacity of God.
He said nothing,
Just bowed me deep,
Flashed a victorious smile,
Softly whispered in my ears,
‘Now I have finally met,
The man I’ve always dreamt of.’
He took my hand,
Well knowing I was a woman,
And told me,
‘You have the courage of a man,
A soul of a human,
But a body of a woman;
Oh dear, what a wonder you are now.
But, what a wonder would you be,
If you were a man.
You fear men,
Their cruelty,
Their inhumanity,
And their wickedness.
But that won’t take your life away,
You are a woman,
Made of steel & bronze,
Mightier than any man you’ve known;
But now, your time has come to an end.
Take me now, and I’ll be your slave.
I, death, will be yours;
And I fear you will be the end of me,
But our love will be eternal.'”

And now,
I whisper in His ears every day,
“You, Death, are the easiest man to love”
And I see Him flush,
Under my breath,
He has no escape.

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