Delusive Pain.. Illusive Hope

Underline the betrayed pages .. that no one else knows…
As everybody think of you., as somebody to love close ..

Heart pokes..
Why do I get into the illusions..?!
Mind chokes..
How do I bet unto the delusions??

“Am Running out” said, all the crying echoes..
& I’m too running out of the hearty shadows..
Inside the Cage of evil ,
Tagged to be coined an ugly devil..
Am I really an Eve or a soul of evil..!?

Better to Escape, myself, from my eye
Or live like a Happy lie..

Often falling emotions..,
Too blunt .. to burry under ..
Coz every nerve clinches …
Too weird.. to carry over..

Why do I get into the illusions..!
How do I bet unto the delusions??
How I suppose to loose them , confusions!!
How do I confess .. without hidden notions..?!!

Though tasting a honeyed life …
With many safe cemetried déjà vu’s!!!
Still trusting ,a to be soon , merried life..
With many warm beautified moments!!

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