Mother, my mother, oh my mother
Can you hear, I call you crying, tears in eyes
But alias! Thou can’t hear, can’t hear my cries
Thou are in a deep slamber, fast asleep
Your body is frozen, you lay motionless
Pale lips, closed eyes, you are speechless
You cannot see waiting, cries, nor hear any sounds
You do not know what is happening around
At the juncture your soul that was departing
At that moment, life from your body was parting
Uttering their names, everybody pouring water
Those are away, on behalf of them, other pouring later
Hearing everybody’s names your soul got consoled
You breathed your last, body became cold
Everybody around you yelled on agony, pain, grief
Air is filled with woes of cries, melancholy,
Placed on your body the garlands wreath
Lighted incense sticks, candles, poured, perfumes
Fragrance all around, can’t smell cause you can’t breathe
Now I am motherless, I have no mother
From whom shall i get that’s spotless love and affection
Those don’t have mothers feel pity, comes your remembrance
Those who have, I feel your absence
Your love more precious than the god, the creator
No words are there to praise thee, oh my mother
Sacrificed your comforts, needs life for our sake
Now only Few garlands, wooden planks
Loved all, children, husband, offspring without difference
Longing to see the son, wife for away who has to travel
Setting in the compound waiting eagerly for arrival
Eyes on the door, passing vehicles on the road
So anxious, eager to see, after seeing the joy precious than gold
Now you are in a deep slumber on wooden plank
For us the world looks dim and blank
Pouring in known, colleagues neighbours and relations
To perform last rites others are busy and active
Surrounded you to pay their last respect, have last glance
Bathe you, now you are fresh
Fresh like a flower without fragrance
Wrap you in a cloth, white in colour
Plank cut to shape, nailed cover it with black cloth placed flower
Placed you inside the put six feet length and depth
Without any worries peacefully inside you have slept
Cover the pit with soil; place the cross on the mound
Mother, mother can you hear, you are under the ground
Hope from the heaven you will bless
Everything is over, oh mother you made us motherless
Oh! Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother…

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