Depravity wins over purity

Left their homes those sweet little kids,
While their mothers happily bid,
They go away saying a sweet little bye,
Not knowing that they never had a next Hi.

Singing and swinging happy they were,
Then began that brutal Taliban war,
Bullets got into their tiny body parts ,
Don’t you terrorists have human hearts?

Blood sheds out all over,
Everything changed within an hour,
Shooting these innocent souls gave you what?
Was this the only thing that you were taught?

What compensation do we give to those parents?
They are left in such torments.
Could you ever repay their losses?
Do you really have a solution or process?

Seven of you attacked one thirty-two
Bullets were many and weren’t you few?
My heart weighs down with one Desire,
Kill us all let there be no survivor.
Fades away their innocence,
Once again reigns inhumanity and arrogance,
Smallest coffins are the heaviest to carry
With burdened hearts we had to Bury.

Oh God, are you still there?
What else is left to happen here?
Who is going to answer to my questions?
Are these lives’ miserable lessons?

Your sins will pay for it one day,
You can’t escape there will be no way,
You will be burnt in our curses
You will be given no second chances!

Rest in peace victims of Taliban attack

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