My mistress, my paramour-
Thou protesteth too much,
Know you well the glamour,
I lay on whomsoever I touch
To spend many a choice moments
With your silken velvety mystique,
Her siren, who I wedded potent,
Calls out dragging her critique.
Do I wish to stay a bit longer-
Yet I fear those around spark suspicion;
Easy unfortunate is besmirching character,
Asking before slandering not their rendition;
Alas, it won’t matter to my other half,
Alas, her mastery on me will show,
Let her let loose her fiery laugh-
Soon to her will I must bow.
Farewell, forethought you of mine,
I say adieu with a barren sigh,
Again tomorrow fate will incline,
Each’s every time, until I die.

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