Dinkum Oil

Lurking in the wild at midnight,
his scars shimmering in the moonlight.
Afraid of the unknown,
cursing every breath with all his might.

Haunted by his past there he was,
his blood and veins immured him.
Hounded by the devil of his deeds,
his gleaming eyes were turning dim.

Committing sins relentlessly,
he once savoured the fake pleasures.
Taking pride in every pain he gave,
he considered his filth as treasure.

Burdened under the weight of misdeeds,
he tried to break free and vamoose,
but the cave of inequity confined him,
and Karma didn’t let him go loose.

Drowning in his own black blood,
his toxic venom backfired.
Undergoing self-slaughter,
nowhere to be found was the self he admired.

You become a victim of the cards you play,
Stealthily your demons turn your life grey.
Life is a never-ending toxic maze,
for those who choose to abuse it.
It engulfs you in its mirage,
if you turn blind and misuse it.

The charm you earn by foul play is a transient phase,
the act of blasphemy curses the entire race.
Your own flesh and bones will choke you to quietus,
For centuries to come,
your soul will grapple with your sins for a hiatus…

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