Do Not Bleed

People don’t stand for you but shout loud excuses
through fancy rhymes and quotes,
They are not worthy,
Do not bleed!
People try to tickle you with false accusations
and take safe sides of a subject,
Do not bleed!
People try to hide you in the shadows of their
spineless tongues,
Do not bleed!
People are good at judging your story with the
garbage of their own mediocrity,
Do not bleed!
People try to grab your heart, wear and tear it as
per their whims and fancies,
Do not bleed!
Whatever you do, bleed for you,
For others, do not bleed!


  1. Jaya

    It was heart touching words from a heart touching person who wrote this, i would love to read daily 100 times, it is just awesome and please keep posting such thing

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