Doctors -Angels of God

As the whole world is to corona pandemic,
The details and knowledge of this so infodemic,
The outbreak which should not be more than an endemic,
But due to negligence it became a universal catastrophic.

Anxious and agitated are all the medic,
Clueless how to resolve this wide spreading pandemic,
Burning the candle day and night to treat the patient
So that every soul on this planet should be immunifacient.

Seeing people demising due to lack of oxygen,
Caused due to a miniature pathogen.
Come rain or shine,always keep their noses close to grindstone,
so that situation around the globe don’t get be fully blown.

All humans are thankful to their efforts,
And we stand with them like strong beam supports ,
Our prayers are with them always,
Hope everyone surpass through these rough days

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