Don’t forget to live.

Amidst all chaos and rat race we all pack our bags running to catch the earliest bus in the rush hours of our mornings. We come back again in the same rush hours to catch the earliest bus way back to home. The story doesn’t end here. We carry all the stress between those rush hours and bring it to our home. This pattern repeats itself and our life ends up like a hamster in a hamster wheel.

We forget that while running like a hamster our parents grow old, our children complete their college, our siblings get married and we are not able to really be a part of that process or journey. What we all earned was a bank balance good enough to pay your medical bills (because you never lived). You never laughed with your parents when they were young enough and lively. You never had an ice cream with your child while he was growing through his school days.

Now let me come to a very straight question. Why are we all even working to earn fat salaries? The answer would be simple to get a good life. While striving to earn those fat salaries we forget what a “good” life is. A “good” life is the one in which you share the joy with your loved ones and cry when you are hurt. A “good” life is to make your child sleep when he or she needs you.

Burning the midnight oil is good, but don’t forget to “live” through this journey. Don’t forget to call your friends often inspite of you being the busiest in your career journey. Don’t forget to call your mom or dad and visit them often to make them feel cared. Life is a beautiful walk on a rope hanged between pillars of uncertainty. You need to maintain a balance to walk through it.

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