Dream Girl

The stage was shining with the glares
As she stepped on the flight of stairs
Tears welled up in her eyes
She just realized she had touched the formidable skies
From the realm of her consciousness she peeped through
A shy young girl watching over her breakthrough
Little did she know about the law of universe
When she started treading on a path so diverse
For she was a born dreamer
And lived her life fantasizing the future
Always lost in her world of books
She never cared a damn about her looks
Daydreaming throughout the narrative in the books she read
Imagining herself a star as she went to bed
Happy and vibrant in her own little world
Moonlight shining through the window on her forehead
Enhancing the beauty of her pretty face
She lay asleep like a statue of grace
Bright flashes of light from a shutterbug
Brought her back to the present
And she realised she just received a hug
The anchor on the stage was going gaga over her achievements
As she walked towards him with grace in her movements
She had won the best actress award today
And the presenter was her role model whom she dreamt about everyday
Today she knew in her heart
That it was all law of attraction
As the world applauded her live on television

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