Dream Or Passion

One fine morning, with an undefined distress,
Was thinking this Mistress,
With the deep thoughts, running within,
A sudden flash hits her mind,
How to put her emotions and feelings??
Looking at the ceiling, her heart made dealing.

Her feelings were very much eager to burst out,
But she is not an explosive to explode…
So, she started to explore.
She still remembers the days, when she whispered some of the lines,
Poetically in a rhyming way.

Did she say those, as it was her passion??
No…because reading was her ultimate satisfaction.
Was it her dream??
No…because her dream too, had its own notion.
Then??!! Why did she start penning down,
All her emotions and thoughts,
As quotes and poems??

Now, she realized that it’s her passion!!
With her name as the caption,
She jots down many of her emotions,
Those were in continuous motion.
Learning…which was her ambition,
And penning down, which was her passion,
Maintained the both with balanced action.

She ever felt that, this is, going to be her dream,
Where her heart began to flow like a stream,
Piled up with colorful pebbles of words,
Merging in, with different emotions and thoughts,
She started giving her life in the lines,
Below with her sign, is making her to shine.
She penned down the poems that are twined up with her life,
This in turn is making her much esteemed.
She is not a renowned poet, to master the poems.
She is not a well-known author, to writes the stories.
Instead, she is a normal human, and moreover
A simple woman who stays next door,
Expecting her readers would adore!!

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