10 years old,
A doe-eyed child
Lost in fantasies
Dreamwrapt psyche
Giant dungeons
And flame-orange dragons
Enchanted hilltop castles
Swords and Staffs
Sorcery and Spells
Harry’s wand
And Bacchus’s wine
Mickey and Carl
Favourite Halloween attires

30 years old,
Wonderful visits to a land
A faded world-weary sigh
Of desires.
Day in day out
Unwilling trying
Dreams and ambitions
Buried under concrete layers of doubt
Slowly but surely
Tore myself away from him
The one who I’ve outgrown
Set his only paradise on fire
I ache at the thought of
Being the monster in his tale
Perhaps, a devil he fears
In the dark of the night
Often, I find myself excusing my side
But the man in me knows
How I murdered that child.

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