Dried Dream

In the breeze of summer,
I fell like a dried dream.
Putting aside the confusions
I got up and screamed.

The day was pretty perfect, as seemed to others
My heart pumped out to the emotions and fluttered.
One came like a motivation,
The other dragged me down,
It was I whom to choose and not let me drown.

I don’t understand the weird humans
They touch your heart and then throw you away
One day the breeze touches me,
The other day it crushes me away.

I wish, this breeze takes me to the ocean
My dried piece will get their lotion
I will flow and make my destiny
So what, I am dried with the pain and world of hypocrisy.

I am sure the ocean has a way to express its connection.
You will see a dream with my reflection.
And then this dried dream will relive the life of Satisfaction.

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