Went back to that place many years later.
Every nook and corner screamed of the past.
The yelps, the muffled sobs.
The little moments of joy amidst that war fought, which once seemed never-ending.
Everything seemed so familiar this time.
Every memory, of even the agony felt sweet. Felt dear.

Thought how long that exile once was! How slow time had become.
So stubborn, that every single day felt like a year by itself.
Only a few years had passed but felt like eons.
The battles fought. Still so fresh in memory.
The wounds received had hardly turned stale.
Those dreadful sights still flashing by, in a blink of the eye.
Yet, it all felt sweet this time.
Oh! So dear.

The war fought solely.
The battles of which every other person was unaware of.
The battles under the wraps of luxury, one couldn’t even imagine of.
Fright, confusion and self-doubt were all that had surrounded.
Nowhere to go. No one to turn to. It was dreadful.
Yet, after these many years, the thought of that time brings a smile.
Maybe even some tears, but all sweet.

Chained with atrocities.
Patience was the only resort.
Helplessness, quivers and disarray.
Time never seemed to pass…
Yet, it eventually did.
Patience was now a virtue.
Introspection had become a habit.
Quivers were replaced by calmness.
Steadiness slowly washed away disarrangement.

Learnt to break free from the chains of all atrocities-
Of self-doubt, of unnecessary fear, of frailty.
Learnt to weave the wings of freedom.
Freedom, long, longed for.
Alas! Learnt to fly.
Fly high. Fly away from that dungeon.
Finally, free.
Happy and peaceful.
Yet, when back to it;
It felt like home.
Not the regular home.
But the one that forces one to push boundaries drawn by their own whim
Until they learn to stand up and fight for themselves.
Until they find their true self.
Their true purpose

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