Elbereth, a girl as fanciful as her name is.
A fairy in her own fairyland .
She lived in the world of fantasy.
She saw witches, wizards and elves ,
She dreamt of phoenix, dragons and unicorns ,
Little does she thinks of real world .
She calls her brother , “Haldir”.
Haldir , a different boy to the whole world .
Doctors called him “autistic”
But she called him precious.

The world laughed at him ,
Haldir smiled at them ,
His innocent heart said they cared ,
Elbereth held him close ,
Nothing hurt her more than the world’s barbs
She never taught him what hatred is .

Haldir , said he wants a blue lotus
Leaving him with the neighbor
Ran towards the lake across the city
Running through the narrow roads ,
It got darker,
A silhouette she saw ,
She slowed down ,
She saw it approaching her ,
She turned back,
Stood three men ,
She was dragged to the corner,
She never felt this painful ,
She asked for help ,
She cried ,
She begged ,
She found no mercy ,
Eight hands running through her body ,
Grabbing her tight ,
She was hurt ,
She was torn,
She found nobody

Dawn arrived ,
Her eyes opened slowly,
Clothes all torn and lying far ,
Finding herself naked ,
Her body covered in blood ,
She tried to get up ,
She fell again,
She got up after several falls,
She saw the lake near ,
She decided to leave the fairyland she dreamt of.
As her body immersed in water ,
Her wounds started to burn,
She gave up all the hope,
She went deep down,
Thoughts rushing her mind,
She avoiding them,
She sees a lotus lying down
All torn like her
She saw Haldirs happiness in it
Took it , she rose
She knew she her body was torn,
But she is not,
Haldir’s happiness is Elbereth
She knew her value is much more
She rose and walked home all naked
She gave the lotus to Haldir
She leaves to get justice for herself
And all the girls out there,
Who was torn just like her by demons like them.

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