I remember the first time I saw Elcid
He warned by stamping his leg acquainting me with his mood swings
Assuring of what lay ahead.

The upcoming rides would be no less than a roller coaster, I thought.
But since I was enchanted by his lovely dark mane I cared less for the upcoming pain.

He rode on his own will and hardly took my cues
Gazing and strutting on the grass lets filled with fresh morning dews
He preferred the sun over shade much to my amaze
And wondered if he was always on heat

Every time I took his charge, he appeared distracted and deceived.
Unlike the other horses I rode before he was anything but gentle.

I got cramps in my leg thanks to the speed in which he sprinted and gave a jolt.
One fine evening he tossed me hard, hard enough to regain my senses,
Climbed down and realise that I was not his only Princess.

It rained inside as much as it rained outside
Giving me a good excuse to never go again for that crazy ride.

It will not be the same again. Nothing will same again.
For a moment I had no courage to venture back
but I did watch him once pasturing the green field,
Gazing from the distance reminding me of our bittersweet track.

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