I was walking through grass
As grey as my inhibitions
All the dull lakes I passed
Looked at me with suspicions
The wind forced my eyes to look far away
What I saw next left my mind in disarray
Green grass strewn on the ground like emeralds
I leapt in surprise
And for the first time that day, joy looked me in the eye

My feet crushed the dried leaves
To reach the verdant blessing
And as I was moving
I felt happiness in the core of my memories
Until I my leather feet touched the grass
Only to have reached what I had passed
Barren and dull
Such was the look of my lucid lull

The emeralds turned out to be nothing but rocks of gloom
I shuddered at the uncanny sight of doom
When I heard a voice cackle from a region so wide
“Beauty seen from afar always has something to hide”

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