Endangered Chirpy Love

Some months back, my father told me that house sparrows were listed as endangered species. This turned out a surprise which transitioned quickly to shock the next moment for me because they always pay a visit to our home. Forbye, maybe I haven’t truly noticed their declining numbers while I’ve been trying to catch the hustle bus away from home…
Recently at home, I have been observing that the number of visitors are indeed declining. There is a visible difference in their number I saw when I was little and their number I see now. And my little visitors are not as chirpy as before!
Someday when I grow beautiful with wrinkles on my face and grey streaks on my hair, I wish to watch sparrows and feathered friends of all kinds with the little ones of my little ones.
Fast forward to that time, I don’t want to tell my little ones, “Once upon a time there was a little bird called a sparrow…” with only the photographs I’ve taken to watch with them!
I heard spirits whispering in the morning air that the Earth dies a little when the sparrows become quieter…

Granny (someday in the future)

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