On a dark night from a lone lit window
You could see a figure, that you guessed
From the wistful look that his eyes sold
Was the luckiest guy in the world

He got a gift he never once prayed for
To any of the ever-present heavens above
This naive little boy, my friend
Was head over heels in love

But there was something he couldn’t see
Maybe something he chose not to believe
For you see, my dearest reader,
There was a reason he was called naive

The person whom he thought was the one
The love of his life, his most beloved,
The one he thought was absolutely perfect
Was actually the furthest thing from it

The hands that patted him on his back
Consoling him whenever he was sad
Themselves bore nails that chipped away
From being chewed on nervously every single day

The eyes that once resembled the oceans
So serene, so vast and beautifully deep
Were swollen and puffed every night
As she cried herself to sleep

The constant perking of her lips
The spot on her cheeks where her skin dips
Made him blissfully unaware all the while
That it was the rigor that had set her smile

And even though the sound of her laugh
Gave him hope of surviving any peril
If only, if only, he knew the real truth
All of her happiness was ephemeral

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