Epistle To Dad (Father Daughter Relationship)

Today morning, all along i was in the bed and i had a tight sleep all night, abruptly noticed my dad entering the room, switching the lights and with gesture of fondle and caress he makes, which reflects how much he loves me and keeps me protected as if like a “great wall of father”……

All this solicitude, every time embarks a question into my mind -Will life always remain as satisfactory, acceptable and carefree as it seems now? Will it always be an intact bed of roses?

Here are some lessons and teachings that my dad has given me while i stand on the threshold journey of life which i’m expressing through a letter.

Dear dad,

Thank you for everything you do for me and scolding me at my mistakes so that i could first become a better human being that becoming whatever i desire to be in my life.

You invariably taught me to never make your own benefits or profits by making others lose something. Whatever you earn, don’t be egoistic of that, rather share what you can give to others.

Never keep a single penny advance, instead lend money to those who need it and also who doesn’t but are miser.

Whatever be the situation or circumstance, you should be the first one to take initiative and make it simple. Not because you are a girl, but you are a human being, adjust and mix like water in a river or become a path of confluence.

I may be, as a father, spoil your habits at times, just by providing you what you require or making it easily available to you, because i’m a father who out of love and care doesn’t want my daughter to struggle as i did. But not every time in life you’ll get whatever you dream & desire of. There is no supplement for endurance, struggle, hardwork & determination to achieve something.

Be enthusiastic about what you choose in your journey. At times, i would be selfish to suggest you to not to go, as it may lead you to stay apart from me because you want to pursue MBA.

These numbers, monetary benefits or degrees won’t describe your capabilities. Always remember, these perks will at times not be there but your talent will last till the end.

Just for the sake of achieving laurels in life, never be the part of politics and do flattery of superiors. 

Live your life with utmost self-respect…..

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