It has always fascinated me
How deeply heartening music can be.
Why does something as simple
As a change of note,
Makes us want to luxuriate in it more?
Music is like a rose-adorned door,
Entering it reassures us
That we’re not alone.
Listening to the melodies
Make our hearts bond momentarily.
Isn’t it crazy
that you’re never the only one
Listening to a certain melody?
Music is like the kiss of an angel,
You’re in an idyllic castle
With cherry-blossom adorned gravel.
Close your eyes and let it flow through
The broken and wounded parts of you.
Music is like an antidote
Though temporarily, it tranquilizes your heart.
It is like the shimmer on your regal ball gown,
Glowing like the crimson ruby
on your queen-crown.
A blessing from the One above,
A memento of his love.
A duvet with warm feathers within,
A romance with an anonymous gentleman.
I don’t miss a chance
To thank the Almighty;
For this beautiful and divine felicity
we call music.
I reckon that’s why it is such a mystery
That something as simple
as a change of note,
Makes us want to luxuriate in its euphony more.

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