Eve Teased

An early day of winter
When our chemistry class was called off,
Our teacher had burned her hands in the lab
And we like some sadists rejoiced
To spend the rest of the day doing something odd.

So, I took the bike I seized from my brother
And went on a ride with my best friend.
This was a real treasure for me
As I had just learned to drive a few weeks back.

Probably the best day of my life,

I thought to myself
Not knowing much, we ventured to a deserted place
And were having our good times under the sun on a windy day.

Suddenly, Shravani told me not to look back and drive out safe
I sensed a man following us.

I could view him from the side mirror
As he showed his tongue from the distance.
He speeded up his bike as I did mine.
At one point we were about to crash,
And he neared us within no time.

But somehow, I mustered the courage to overtake.
My eyes were watering as the breeze ran cold.
I dared not to look at the speedometer.
But I believe that was my fastest drive back home.

As soon as we reached my guarded street,
I paused to look back.
The pedophile was afraid enough to approach us,
As he knew he would be mercilessly thrashed.

We reached home and I told my mum calmly
That our class got cancelled.
I was good enough at the art of concealing
I kept the bike back where it belonged,
And took a walk to bring myself at ease.

In my own twisted way,
This was the happiest day of my life,
For I rejoiced over my mini victory
Thanking my luck and guts for the narrow escape

I had many rides with my friends,
But clearly, this one stands out apart,
No matter how old this incident,
Now seems, it’s hard to forget.

When you and your best friend get
Collectively eve-teased!

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