Everything little and small

Many things in our life pass through our gazes that we see but do not actually look at. Some are intentional while others are not. One of those unintentional ones must be the little glass turtle on your side table. Yes, that little glass turtle inside its crystal bowl that notices everything you do and knows your deepest passions and secrets. That little turtle that remembers every detail about you yet fails to secure a place in your mind. That little turtle which carries so large a burden and yet manages to get washed away from your memory like a receding tide on the beach.
How relieving must it be to completely pour out you stresses and worries, unburden and rid yourself of the negative feelings after a long day, on this mute, in animate, little glass turtle who attentively listens to its master. No talk, no questions…. Just listens. Just keeps listening and stores everything in its small hollow belly. And the next day when you’ve woken up after a good night’s sleep, it greets you with same shining crystal smile. That little glass turtle does so every minute of its existence…. in return for what? Nothing. Perhaps a little appreciation thrown its way would be an apt barter for having been your emotional buddy.
Just like this little glass turtle, pause a little and think of all those emotional buddies who have stayed beside you when no one else did…. Think of what you did with them… think of what you’ll be doing with them…. and ponder how a little appreciation can go a long way.

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