Exemplary Envisage-Does It Always Accomplish??

We wish to start our day with a perfect plan,

but sometimes things don’t work as planned,

discontent and frustration at the end becomes solely invention of man

Our expectations and future is like moulding clay,

because patience in life has a big role to play.

Just because the past didn’t turn out as planned,

Will imprisoning ourselves makes us a civilized or better man?

Sometimes the best moments happen unplanned and 

the greatest regrets happen by not reaching exactly what was planned

Life has so many phases to come up with

that doesn’t mean you’ll feel low rather be optimistic

All the blackness in the sphere cannot extinguish the illuminate of single lamp,

Your imagination is that lantern & it’s upto you to keep it enkindle

Ignore emotional resistance & give your 100%,

Because we don’t make mistakes, we just gain experience

Don’t end your zeal & enthusiasm with frustration,

You are the one who is the future of this nation.

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