I was learning the meaning of life,
When infatuation hit me for the first time,
I was deeply into it thinking that it’s a true feeling,
I lost myself while putting all of my efforts into it,
But fortunately or unfortunately I failed in that,
Nothing held me back apart from a question to self,
Was I too dumb to consider an infatuation to be love?
Days passed, months passed, years passed I worked on myself,
I healed from a wound I got in my life for myself,
Things changed, situation changed and so did my time,
I fell down,
I got hurt, but never gave up,
Standing up stronger set an example for myself,
Not for world to stereotype me,
I saw a different me,
Who was glowing like a polestar,
I fell down but got up one step higher,
I fell down but I never gave up.
I fell down but didn’t forget to fly in sky
Up and Up, above and high

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