Far away and farther more
Where the last sun has set
In the distant shore ,
Where light of hope is unseen , unknown
Am afraid to be left all alone.

The world , where roots of darkness grow
Like the enchanted tentacles engulfing me;
My mind searches for one streak of light,
But the lifeless night is all I see.
I try to get up and run for my life
As the shadows of my doom get closer
But fear has hardly spared me any strength
The burden of pain is too heavy to bear.

I stand drenched in tears which pass unheard
My voice gets muffled by the threatening silence
Slowly the emptiness is shrinking in my heart
And drying the blood in my feeble veins.

Curse of loneliness assures me no escape Gripped with terror I cry and scream;
All I want is to get back my loved ones,
To put up an end to this frightful dream.

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