Firmly My Family, love deeply rooted strongly.

Born from the same blood.
Born into a shelter, without having a say.
Born to keep unfair rules, intact.
Born only by blood.
to only progress as a responsibility,
never a choice.
As infancy progressed,
consciousness stirred,
So, we sought another sect to call family,
a sect of kindred souls.
We began as strangers.
to gradually progress as comrades.
We become each other’s secret ballot box.
We become each other’s hearts and souls.
Freedom felt in another is being,
as though we were twins,
born in a different time,
In a different shelter,
Yet fated to find each other.
And though my beginning came from a blood heated love, Now I sit bubbling my blood,
in a cauldron molded from sheer responsibility.
My refuge was laid in the arms of another unrelated bloodless bond.
I couldn’t help but wonder when I, the by-product of love. turned into a dragging suitcase,
bubble wrapped in my sire’s fear of fragility.
Yet amidst the blood tied chaos,
I did rather feel special in another’s choice,
to become home for another,
to have a home within someone else body and soul.
For such a soul’s arm could relinquish by anguish,
for such a soul’s arm was my bubble wrap embedded in warmth to subdue the world’s uncanny cruelty.
Finally, when I’d decided to build a family surrounded by such a warm bubble wrap, I’d realized,
I was my sire’s chosen responsibility,
bubble wrapped in his fragility born from a father’s love.
I’d forgiven my father’s misleading embrace.
whilst he outdid his father.
And in doing so, I’d knew I’d need forgiveness from my offspring’s as I outdid my father.

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