This is Football,
Rise, Lay ,Fall,
Just have ball,

The game is more about the fitness,
Which is not one easy business,
Along with coordination, strength and stiffness,
You need willpower, patience and swiftness,
Drilling the ball with all calmness,
Hoofing the ball shows, you are fearless,

Chip shotting the ball over the opponent player head,
Dirty shoes clits , clothes drenched in sweat & Blood shed
This game can be played in sun, rain wearing tread,
Thrilling ,amazing is the bracing goal from the head,
The forward’s are like the hunters with a spearhead,
Mid players are souls of the game that are dispread,
If the goalie misses the ball the team is dead,
Teams give’s best shot for chances thin as thread,
This game is very popular, enriching, and widespread.

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