for her…

She asked me how I’d write about her if I ever did. I told her I had no clue when in truth a thousand words splayed themselves across my pages immediately. A thousand revelations. A thousand colours, a thousand feelings, a thousand theories; and they all hit me at once. It shook my world to think that someone I hadn’t considered an object of my affections could spark such an intense gust of emotions by simply asking for some sort of proof of my perception of her. I could never write down what notions she caused but if I were to try I’d describe her as an oddity of nature. I’d never seen someone so contradictory to themselves at all times. So fiery yet so comforting. Providing stability but never seeming to be stable themselves. Duality was an understatement. If you were to see her it’d be considered almost unnaturally beautiful yet disruptive. Her hair was unruly in the most disciplined way. The way her curves seemed to have been molded by the most skilled artisans hurt me. The auras of a caregiver but not truly. Not yet healed. She was truly something that had the capability to reduce me to tears if she ever dared me to look closer.

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