Freedom to be Me

Why is it that the phrase “freedom” is always associated with politics and not with personal liberty? Freedom To Be means having the freedom to do whatever I choose as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s right to do the same. To be your own person, you must be able to think, feel, and act independently. I’m constantly being judged since I’m not married. It makes no difference to anyone that I am a successful writer, blogger, and novelist. I am content right now, but that does not rule out the possibility of marriage in the future.

My life is not devoid of wonderful individuals; it is filled with them. However, I am lonely and always yearn for my partner to be by me, whom I can officially call my own for the rest of my life. I’m too preoccupied with more important things in life to ponder these preconceptions about myself. I am confident that the things I want to see in my future will come to pass. It’s quite difficult! No matter what you name it, the most difficult aspect of being single in your 30s is dealing with the continual barrage of judgments, comments, critiques, and pressure to “settle down,” which comes from every relative.

While the insensitive remarks sting (you should consider freezing your eggs, consider adoption, why aren’t you married yet or we’ll find you a partner), it’s difficult for me to accept all of these comments from individuals who believe they have the right to tell me that I’m to blame for being single. All of these tidbits make me wonder about my own happiness at times. My life is fantastic. But, when I hear these kinds of derogatory remarks, I wonder if I’m truly happy to be alone. I manage to get out of this question, but it’s something I’d rather not have to worry about again.

I’m always curious as to what motivates individuals to pass judgement on a lady. Is it because they truly believe that by leaving comments, they are doing a service to us? Do they honestly think my existence is meaningless? There is almost certainly no response. What is it about entering a relationship that causes people to condemn women and believe it is the end of their happiness and success?

I’m not sure why it’s acceptable to pass judgement on someone’s single status but not on their relationship. When I think about the judgments that have been passed against me, I wish I could also pass judgement on them for being in a bad relationship.
Women, married or single, should, in my opinion, benefit from the freedom, joys, and problems that come with relationship status.

A woman should be allowed to talk about her life without being labelled as unhappy, and express her joy without someone thinking or saying, “Yes, but you don’t have a husband or a male in your life.”

I live in a judgemental environment. They can’t help themselves since they’ve pretty much followed society’s rules, so seeing me – single and successful — makes them pause to ask questions.

My mother is concerned that her 30-year-old daughter isn’t married since she receives harsh comments from family. That being said, I want to marry and have a child, and I am very much open to it right now, but the timing is everything.

To those who feel judged, I encourage you to keep your head up and find the right one for you when it’s right for you and not for anyone else.

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