Liberating my mind,
From the believe, the thoughts,
From who thinks and what,
From just being compassionate to being extravagantly passionate,
there is perception in the wind,
Life is all about others happiness,
What about my bliss,

Liberating my body,
From toxic mentality of Shape ,
Size, colour or creed,
Being what I am is my freed,
I love the way god love’s it every creation,
As it pour rain on all together with emotions,
No one is perfect,
let’s spread this brilliant reflect,

Liberating my soul,
Completing my journey of every role,
meeting the super enormous soul,
Blessed to be god’s own honour,
Attaining knowledge to be some more,
Enlightened light of glory giving wings of my own,

Liberating my Life,
Keeping a balance between my mind, body and soul,
I will be more fervent,
I will be more impervious,
I will be more self- reliant,
I will be more unwavering,
I will be more of me and
less what you want me to me,

That day I’ll proudly say “Freedom” as a whole.

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