From Edges and Pit Bottoms

Life inside me wept as I stood all alone with no one to shoulder my pain,
Yelling from the rooftop but still,
No one can hear,
Heart busting out of ribcage with a vociferous pitch but still,
It beats the usual rhythm of life,
Holding the breath to cease the pain but still,
It becomes impossible to die,
If it was easy I wouldn’t have crossed the bridges,
When life was doomed and no one sees the invisible me,
Trembling with a throbbing heart, unable to speak of heartache,
The world grew bigger and bigger around, shrinking me like an ant to the ground,
It was those useful days that sow the seeds of wisdom to my gullible mind,
That I rose from pit bottom holding on to the end of a thread,
Waiting to be raised from engulfing gloom that grew pitch black,
With the pieces of a broken heart, I inched my way up,
It was like escaping the frying pan to fall inside the fire to be roasted, but still,
There I hung on to the tearing thread shouting for help only audible to me,
The shadows pushed me to the edges and made me see the bottomless pit,
And there I contemplated my final moments in the grips of death,
Life is all about taking second chances they say,
But it was my last and final call, and I chose to live!
Because my Redeemer lives!

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