Frowned On’ Warriors

The hands have gotten used to it,
My dried-up eyes, a sore sight.
Sleep deprived and skin to bone
I dragged my arms for another wrap,
And my feet for another round of consoling.
While the heart breaks every day from looking at the situation,
My mind was set when I picked this course.
I knew my heart laid with helping people.
But these were trying times,
So much that it brought all of us on our knees
Crying till we were reached our saturated point.

Yet I’d love to think we were equivalent to the soldiers on the field.
Only difference most sees them as heroes
While us as frauds who spread rumors for money
Its hard to tell how much more we can tolerate this
When we’ve sacrificed everything for their well being.
I can only breathe a silent prayer.
The dark tunnel looks long and lonely,
But I take pride in saying that I had fought this World War well
Given it my all
A war with no light, just the bright smiles of the patients
Yes, this is a story, one of a Covid Warrior.

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