Garden flowers

The birds flew off when they realized I had run out of bread for them. I was fine with that. They weren’t meant to be grounded anyway. As I looked at them soar into the air and play with each other, some making public displays of affection to their mates, I heard something. A feeble trembling voice that said, “Umm… Mister?” I looked around and I saw nobody else other than the runner who definitely doesn’t talk to me.
Suddenly, I feel a small tug at my pant sleeve. The feelings so light, like an ant trying to climb up my leg. I peer down and see it. the difference in our statures were like David and goliath. Except this time, David was a small little girl and instead of rocks she had flowers behind her back. She constantly tried to look me in the eye, but as soon as she did she would look down again, a little scared. It doesn’t bother me. Nobody has looked me in the eye for years. Not since… I didn’t mean to grow so gigantuous. I didn’t.
“Um… I … um… saw you.” She managed to say. “At the flower shop. Near my house. live on.. Crowley street.”
Crowley street? Hmm.. oh yes! Mrs. Chens flower shop on the corner of Crowley street. She always gives me the freshest bouquets.
“I… don’t know what type of flowers… you like, but um..” she tensed up suddenly, tears welling in her eyes as she looked down. Suddenly she thrust the flowers in her hand toward me, “I BROUGHT YOU SOME FLOWERS, HOPE YOU LIKE IT!” it took all her strength to say those words. As I bent down to pick the flowers, the bench I was sitting on creaked loudly under my weight. The girl was taken aback by the sudden noise but she stood her ground. I laid out my hand and she placed the flowers on it. her hand was so small and it looked soft and innocent, while mine were huge, rattled with cuts and bruises.
Before I could thank her, she ran away. I looked in the direction she sped, but she disappeared behind some trees. I looked at the flowers. The stalk was bent out of shape, probably from how tightly she held it. They weren’t fresh ones from Mrs. Chens, not by a long shot. One of the stalks still had some garden mud on it. She had picked them up from her garden most probably. They weren’t the prettiest flowers. But they were the most beautiful one. I smiled. I hadn’t smiled in years. Not since…
I did what I always did with the flowers I bought. Took them straight to the graveyard, to pace on a very special grave. “They aren’t the usual bunch of flowers…” I slowly placed them on the grave, “but these flowers definitely are more prettier and meaningful than the ones I bring, Doctor.” I sat down with a thud near the tombstone as I always did. As the Doctor and I watched the skies, the birds came back and sat, one on my flat head and the other on the makeshift tombstone that read…
‘In loving memory of,
Dr. Frankenstein.
A loving father. A perfect human.’

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