Get Lost In Life

A Big word that I came across ..
“Get lost”
True to the core..
Getting lost, even now.
Getting lost in warmth of nature..
Getting lost in aroma of replenishments..
Getting lost in magical music..
Lost in love.. from soul’s little darlings
Ought to be called friends and close pals

And from life’s Biggest constants
Found to be named soulmate and family

Getting lost in a few heart scars..
Getting lost often in unknown deepest tears..
Getting Lost in a little anxiety, everywhile..

Getting lost in being Lost ..,
Wandering Nowhere in infinity…!
Been lost
In those all things that I wish to dwell..
Well everyone is nonetheless the same ,
I guess..

It’s not actually being lost..
We are on a way to discover our soul’s instincts
Wandering to explore Life’s Destinies
I repeat .. its Destinies only
Mostly it won’t be a single ‘ ever’ …
And the reason behind.. may be ..,
A Common Mind can’t survive without “Seeking”..
Seeking a comfort zone where we feel ..,
Need to be relieved!
Seeking priorities out of a demanding trust !
Seeking to grab and hold every LITTLE GOOD
THING that our heart wishes for!
As it feels everything is a good thing which hides well in the shell of a “Desire”..
Yet must not Get Lost running behind them..
Yet be desirous ..
No true human live with out being desirous..
Even a saint seeks penance.. so
Desires of Good will , can fill Us up , like no other life form here..

Act now.. be desirous ..
Desire to stay alive true to the core..
Desire to be at the verse of knowing self
Desire to be edged at happiness peak
Desire to go ravishingly smart to fight back..
Desire to Not to roam along with reasons of happened things..
Desire to make fun as if living a roller coaster ride..
Desire to move ahead with a simple smile all the time..

Because somewhere I read a so true quote..
Time has no pause button ..
Meanings are not needed right up here..
So Now count on blessings in your path..

Be subtle
Be stable
Be ardent
Be salvage

And finally
Be happy

Urge a beautiful life and comply with a happiest living…

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