We did cherish
the time we whiled away
on the meads and fen.
So long as our laughs were true,
nothing ever mattered then!

We sowed flowers that early spring,
mirthful, merry; we did sing,
watched them bud,
watched them blossom,
hoisting rainbows at our whim.

tasting waters
from a farther stream,
you told me therein,
therein lies a better dream!

It all seemed well till we shook hands
and parted ways,
and off you went to distant lands.

It is but an ancient curse that plagues:
never to cherish enough
the pomp and sheen,
till that moment is just
what had been.

Now here’s a midnight years after
that vernal haze.
From snowy peaks I trace
the river’s flow.
Such is a night, so pleasant:

The winds are sculpting tide and tree:
in its tender melody,
ridges rise like the moonlit sea.

At crossroads the river splits,
I see it glitter
through the weed and wild.

Moonbeams in the river
brightly gleam
and the stars are spread
upon each stream.
The banks are marked
clearly by snow,
upon which
the mountain laurels grow.

One stream
to a star; far and mild:
from my home through the ivies
a pendent lantern shines.

One stream flows
towards another dream,
through the dark and the moonlit scenes,
something there glints
in the evergreen.

From the snowy peaks I watch:
It slips out
from the embers and their glow,
all the glimmers then flow
to streams both you and I know.

It seems quite queer then,
tasting waters
from that farther stream
you told me therein,
therein lies a better dream.
Perhaps it glittered differently
perhaps it had
a different shade of glow,
yet the waters were same you know!

While I lie,
languid ‘neath the ivies
and the lantern glow,
and wonder what deceived you so,
I see you smile from across,
through the farther snow!

At the crossroads do I see
the laurels that we sowed,
watching them sway there
to and fro
by the waters and the vernal glow,
through the dark
and the moonlit scene
I see your smile,

there it glints in the evergreen!

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