In our eyes
We met in a madhouse
And we both went crazy in love
We slept in a outhouse
Till the sun came shining
Oh, we knew we built a light so blinding
So much so that we could be riding
On a death bike
But it was our favourite ride
Our world was bright
Only in our own eyes

Outskirts of the city
They looked at us with pity
They passed their murmurs
The burns on our index
We passed our rebellious summers
We didn’t have to make it so complex
The world moved with perplex
But our sugary bread tasted sweet
Even with sour berries
Your beetroot lips on my uncanny fingertips
Heaven was an illusion to me
Until to an even better place you flew me

Against the laws of nature
We tried to build a miniature
Where we would love and live
The screams grew louder
The nightmares were hitting our hearts with a new found power
But we clung onto our dream
Which we built in our soul’s stream
But our escapade was a mistake
We knew it from the start
Our peace was fake
“We can wait a little longer,” you said
And of course we did
“But we shouldn’t.” our hearts said

Bloodbath doesn’t always require blood
Sometimes a needle can do the work
Of a thousand swords merged
The pain that my heart surged in your heart
You made it out to be the best type of love
Our hearts did all the talking
While we shut our mouths with our passion’s stalking
Kisses here, kisses there
We always had a lit bit of pain to share
But our fallen hearts were beyond repair
Layers and layers of ribbon lying on our floor
With no gifts on our broken door

The chains were so tight
They were clawing on me like my worst enemies
But we couldn’t give up without a fight
Failed to see that there was no light
Wanting to break free
Both you and I
Willingly or unwillingly, we decided to end our horrendous ride
I don’t know which was real
The rush we felt when our hands touched or when our eyes seized to look into each other Which was more surreal?
One thing I know
That all this wasn’t for show
That we had a vow
We couldn’t keep up with anymore

That’s when I realised
That’s when it all sublimized
Your beetroot lips were nothing but bruised
And my uncanny fingertips were falling loose
Our world was dark
But not in our eyes

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