Goodbye feelings

I love the sight from where you stand,
I pass by but not miss the glimpse,
I go around but I feel the presence of your vision is towards me,
The feeling of being noticed make me terror and awe,
The breath of destined soul is special which made me warm from my heart core,
Everytime I remember the day I spent being noticed made my nightmares into dreams,
But now it’s gone, I don’t feel anything anymore,
I am outrageous with the feelings of pain and disgusts,
I am dead inside and I don’t feel even any pain now,
The past memories have numbed my feelings because my heart have suffered much pain,
I got everything in the world for being a betrayed girl,

The elegant scene where I have begged for respecting my emotions at least,
You denied, made me pity the earth for having these kinds of people,
I wasn’t ready for that yet but you tested me with your inhumanity,
I did very poor in your test which made you even more like a demon,
The trust is rusted now, I don’t think I will be able to trust someone new in my shattered life,
The lavish personality you perceive is just your cologne,
I know the truth of your face,
I know the roots of your character,
I know the class of your mentality,
I know the position of your heart,
All these made me hate you,
And I want to give my wreath by myself,
Because I don’t want to live with the thought of that I know you,
I am over with my feelings.

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