green lungs

Starting its journey under the earth,
In the form of a seed it takes birth.
Cuddled up by the cage of mud,
It toils hard and comes out as a bud.

With its branches flowing out,
And its leaves and stems continuing to sprout,
The small buds which are now flowering,
Have insects around them hovering.

Gradually, growing in its height,
By taking in water, nutrients and light.
The plant which was earlier so small,
Now is standing proud and tall.

The roots which have dug deep,
Allow water and nutrients to seep.
They keep the tree securely bound,
And prevent it from falling to the ground.

The tree now home to birds and insects,
Gives everything but nothing does it expect.
The ones who provide us with clean air,
Killing them is completely unfair.

-Khooshi D Jajoo

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