Gummy Bears

“Dear Maa,
It’s been two weeks since you’ve left home. I miss you. I’m jealous of the fact that you get to spend so much time with grandma now. Do tell her that I love her and the gingersnap cookies that she makes. Before I start with the boring stuff, I wanted to tell you that I scored a full 20 in the math test I took last week. So that’s one thing that would make you proud. Another thing that happened is Yasmine from fourth grade is my friend now, she’s different from everyone else. We made tomato sandwiches yesterday and had a picnic in my room. If you were here we’d invite you too, you could make us some more sandwiches then. Dad wanted to play but he’s a boy, so he can’t play with us. You know the rules, Maa. Bernie is doing good, he chewed up Dad’s slipper last night. I want a new pet, Maa, maybe a monkey would be great. I’m sorry I might be boring you with my nonsense, I hope you’re doing well. Dad says you’re working at a supermarket. I’m sure you can get as many of those sugar pills as you like now! But anyway, I wonder why you left so early. Dad misses you too. He never speaks much about you, but I see him holding on to your picture every evening.
Did you leave because I ate up all of the Christmas cake that night? Because Bernie was responsible for it too. Or wait, was it because I stole your lipstick? I’m sorry… I just wanted to show my classmates I was cool, so I’d have friends then. But I have Yasmine now so I won’t steal your makeup anymore, I promise. And if it’s about the time you saw what dad was doing to me, then you don’t need to worry, I wasn’t hurting. It did feel weird but it was just a game and dad even gave me the box of gummy bears he had promised me soon after. I wish I could tell you all of this but you had already gone the next morning. Dad had to clean up all the red paint that you had spilled on your bedsheets, you didn’t even tell me you liked to paint. I would’ve even let you use my watercolours. Only if you had stayed Maa, I would’ve shared my Gummy bears with you too.”

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