happiness: city or nature?

It is so peaceful there in,
Amongst the trees and flowers,
The absence of the usual din,
and the rustle of the leaves that shower.

The city is alive,
The vehicles are on the drive,
Roads and buildings are everywhere,
Smoke and dust pollute the air.

The soft grass padding your feet,
The sound of the birds singing,
Oh! the tranquility is so sweet,
The mound of tension is thinning.

The sound of machines drilling,
The food in roadside shops grilling,
Everyone staring at their mobile screen,
The entire world has become so mean.

The wind rushes caressing your face,
Plays with your hair and makes you feel light,
The heart slows down its pace,
Your mind becomes clear and bright.

People connect through video calls,
This virtual connection satisfies all,
Money has made people blind,
Humans have left good values behind.

The fragrance of the flowers reaches you,
Making your soul burst with joy,
You connect with your inner self through,
Mother nature’s pleasant ploy.

Another honk by impatient drivers,
Another call by impatient buyers,
Another accident due to carelessness,
The city life is full of disorderliness.

The silence is divine,
Nature is the purest,
Leaving you in clandestine,
And putting your mind at rest.

The crimes register an increasing trend,
People have become easy to offend,
There is no love left to share,
The world is dissolving in despair.

The buzz of a bee nearby,
The warmth of the sunlight,
The distant caw of birds that fly,
Leaves u in heavenly delight.

Emotions have become fake,
Relations experience breaks,
All faces have become masks,
Maintaining good relations has become a huge task.

As the clouds hide the sun,
The weather becomes pleasantly cool,
The tension and worries reduce to none,
As nature unwinds its magical spool,

You can trust no one,
People will betray in the long run,
Life has become a race,
A competition that everyone wants to ace.

In all this beauty combined,
You find true peace and solace,
Around you, nature has entwined,
Dissolving you in its unparalleled grace.

How silly are we humans,
Unable to enjoy what we have,
Always fretting over things,
We barely look at the beauty around.

We run behind material things,
Behind money, behind fame,
But do we ever question ourselves,
Is this really true happiness?
-Khooshi D Jajoo

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