Dear Guardian Angel
You are Omnipresent, You are Opulence,
Everyday Life stance to new trends,
I want live each with its true essence,

Heal me to have golden light all around me,
Heal me to embrace colour white to protect me,
Heal me to release my past, focus on my journey,
Heal me to maintain silence of my virtues,
Heal me to follow the path of faith and values,
Heal me to be flexible in my attitude,
Heal me to acceptance, live with gratitude,
Heal me not to fear the transient nature,
Heal me to impervious thoughts and worries of future,
Heal me to remember the eternal light,
Heal me to emanates my soul bright,
Heal me to love god, to be loved by god,
Heal me to feel the bliss showered by lord,
As Life each morning is an affirmed blessing.

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