a mind and heart are the same,
mind the noblest,heart the softer
mind the sensational genius and sometimes not,and the heart sometimes the splendid stealer and sometimes the doer;
you may not be the wondrous but the mind attracts you same with the heart attracts you and sometimes,attaches you
the mind is useless fallen dead without the heart and the heart is living dead without the mind
you may not live and sometimes don’t want to;same connecting to the impulse of death
you will always remember queen Elizabeth in your mind but will always remember Diana in your heats ;both stay with you
mind does not forget ,mind is meticulous, mind never loses the sight of the fact.
And your nifty heart excoriate to forget the unique or just unusual thing . your hagridden and humane heart never allows you to forget
one’s on your head the crown of your body and one’s on your chest the jewel of your body; the crest!
sometimes mind takes you to the imaginary rides and sometimes the heart deals with the heartfelt memories
and this is forever arcane about this tremendously ,for your ruminate mind and predilection heart
mind with eunoia
heart with serendipity.

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